We Are Getting A

New Look!

A message from April

Hello everyone,


To all who have visited, my clients who have become my friends, and all of whom I consider part of the April and Company family...


It is with bittersweet sadness I am announcing the sale of my beautiful colorful shop which had been my second home for 25 years now. I will miss it dearly, and as with anything you spend enough time with, a sentiment begins to grow in which when it comes time to finally depart, whether for good or bad, you can’t help but feel a sense of sadness for. 


However, at the same time often a sense of relief follows, and I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to leave this building in good hands with a family of their own who share my same sense of pride in hard work.

(For information about the new business inside the building, you can reach Purple Dental; Dr. Sam Shivareddy at 860-251-6999)

I can imagine some of you might even feel the sentiment towards this building that I have, and will be saddened by this news. But for those who I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know, I am sure you would know me well enough to know this could never be an end


With the departure from one building I have new beginnings at a different location. While the coming months will be spent moving and renovating, I hope that sooner rather than later we can resume to normalcy in my newfound home. And I - along with Aimée and the fabulous team at A Midas Touch Med Spa - hope to see you all there!


Thank you all for the years of support, encouragement, and love! My colorful shop will continue to exist in the memories we have all created there together; and I hope we can create more together at my new location!

With appreciation,

April Amodeo

Our New Home

I'm going "back to my roots" at the old Shampoo One building, where I got my start before the colorful shop! The best part? It's just two minutes down the road from our original location!

36 Main St. East Hartford

Hair Salon Opening Details Coming Soon On Our NEW Website!